How to Keep Your Case-Related Documents Efficiently Organized

shutterstock_482120941The best firm for court reporting Tucson, AZ has to offer is available for more than just court cases. At Bartelt Reporting, we offer a variety of other legal service such as transcriptions for depositions and video conferences. Our firm can help you keep track of all of your legal documents and proceedings by allowing you to stay organized with simplified services.

Rely on Video

Bartelt Reporting offers confidential video conferencing services for depositions, meetings, and more. You’re left with an easily accessible digital record that takes up absolutely no office space. By opting for a video deposition, you can save yourself time and money that would have been spent on travel accommodations and costs.

File Immediately

Even if you still have a lot to accomplish throughout your legal case, don’t let your documents pile up in the corner of your office. Give yourself time at the end of each meeting and deposition you attend to properly file away all of your documents so you’ll know exactly where everything is once certain papers or recordings are needed again.

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How Relying on Video Depositions Can Save Time

shutterstock_360047027Juggling everything you have to do to prep for a court case between other responsibilities in your life means you have to make the most of every moment and you’re always rushing to get things done. When it comes to arranging depositions, relying on video conference depositions is the secret to saving yourself some time on legal proceedings.

No Travel Arrangements

Holding a video conference deposition means you won’t have to travel to meet in-person if that person lives out of the area or if you simply don’t have the time/finances to travel to meet them. That means less spent on travel expenses, including airfare and lodging. When you work with Bartelt Reporting, our experts are the ones to set up the conference. You simply request the service and show up at the arranged time.

Fewer Obstacles in the way of getting it done

Even if a witness is local, a video conference deposition can make a witness more cooperative and likely to offer a statement. People are busy and an already reluctant witness will use any excuse not to testify. You won’t have to waste the time getting a subpoena or trying to convince the person if you offer to make it a video conference deposition at the witness’ convenience.

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Tips for Choosing a Legal Videographer

shutterstock_94460587If you are in need of a legal videographer in Tucson, AZ, you may be wondering where to start or what qualifications to look for. The following tips will help you choose the professional who’s right for you.

Look for experience. Your deposition is extremely important, so you need to make you look for a videographer with experience and an established track record.

Ask about equipment. Check to see that your videographer is using the most up-to-date, high definition video equipment. That equipment should not only include the video recording equipment, but also the means to video-synch your deposition.

Look for comprehensive services. Not only should your videographer offer video-synching services, there should also be a court reporter available. Having all the services you need under one roof makes it much easier – and more affordable – to get your video deposition done right the first time.

Consider certifications. Certifications are available for legal videographers but keep in mind that many of these are only worth the paper they’re printed on. If your prospective company has a great track record and satisfied clients, certifications are not necessary.

Talk to your prospects. There’s nothing like picking up the phone and speaking with someone at the company or taking the time to visit their office. You can learn a lot from a quick visit, such as how clients are treated, what the offices and facilities are like, and the professionalism of the staff.

4 Video Deposition Tips


It can often be necessary to give a deposition via video. When this is the case, you want to put your best foot forward. While it’s your testimony that’s the most important, the quality of your video and how you present yourself can help you come across as collected and professional. The following tips will help you appropriately prepare for your video deposition.

Choose an Appropriate Setting

Video and web conferencing has made it easier and more convenient to give video depositions. However, just because you can give a deposition from your favorite local coffee shop, it doesn’t mean you should.

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a location for your deposition such as privacy, background noise, and lighting. The best environment for a successful video deposition is somewhere well lit that’s also quiet and private.

Present Yourself Appropriately

You wouldn’t show up to a job interview in a tank top and flip flops, so you shouldn’t show up for your video deposition dressed that way either. While you don’t have to wear a full business suit, consider wearing the same type of clothing you might to work in an office.


While giving a deposition can be nerve-wracking or emotionally charged, the best thing you can do is keep calm. When you are calm, you are better able to communicate and respond to questions in an appropriate and clear manner.

Get Professional Help

When it doubt, you can get professional help with video depositions in Scottsdale, AZ from Bartelt Reporting, LLC. Having an expert on your side removes the stress and allows you to focus strictly on your deposition.

Legal Arbitrations

shutterstock_429855238After representing a number of clients in what are often contentious divorce cases, an amicable divorce case can be a breath of fresh air. Considering how agreeable both parties are being, you might try to save your firm and your client some money by forgoing services you wouldn’t otherwise consider skipping. However, when it comes to court reporting, you should have a transcriptionist present regardless of how well the case seems to be going.

It May Not Stay Amicable

When securing services in court reporting, Tucson, AZ area firms know they’re really guaranteeing an indisputable record of the events. Every meeting and deposition between the parties – even before they go before a judge – should be recorded. Circumstances can change at any moment and the other party might insist they said something different than they did in an earlier meeting. Without the report, you have no evidence to argue otherwise.

It Can Make Parties More Agreeable

Knowing there is a record of even casual meetings when lawyers are present can make parties more agreeable all the way through the case.  They know they can’t change their minds unless they admit to it and offer a compromise, which can help agreements run more smoothly from the start.

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Why Choose our Specialized Service for Your Video Conferencing

shutterstock_372810853When it comes to video conferencing, you might think due to the variety of online services that are free you don’t need to look into a law firm that offers all of the necessary equipment for your video depositions. However, these free services are not meant for confidential information being passed back and forth. That’s why it’s necessary to invest in a specialized and modern law firm instead of relying on the freebies found online, which are frowned upon by most firms in the first place.


When looking for video conferencing, Tucson, AZ area law firms offering these services put security first and foremost. Free apps don’t provide the level of security needed for a remote deposition or video conference. At Bartelt Reporting, our video feeds go out over secure lines and any recordings of the meeting you find necessary are digitally stored with the utmost in protection.


Free apps and 3rd party recording services can’t always guarantee 24/7 service without interruptions. Our specialized video conferencing services offer more reliable technology that you know won’t stop working in the middle of an important meeting or deposition. When it comes to law, the details matter, and you need to be able to count on the technology to allow you to share all of the details necessary.


We provide top quality video conferencing equipment to ensure a clearer picture and more stable connection during the conference. When recording these meetings for deposition purposes, you need the highest quality video to convey everything from the witness’s words to their demeanor when they speak.

Benefits of Having a Written Transcript at Trial

laptopFor every trial, deposition, or other court proceedings, it is necessary for a court reporter to be present. The work that they do is essential to making sure that everything runs smoothly. The transcript that they produce at the conclusion of the proceedings resolves disputes, keeps everything organized, and can help fill in the gaps in the memory of those involved.

Resolves Disputes

Occasionally during a trial there will be a dispute about what was said by whom at what time. The court reporter keeps careful record of all of these details so that they can be referenced later. If any argument arises, they simply need to look back at the transcript.

Keeps it Organized

The court reporter’s transcript keeps all of the information divulged in the trial organized. It is a verbatim record of every single thing that is said at trial, so any details that need to be referenced can easily be found by following the timeline of the trial.

Fills in the Gaps

Trials and other court proceedings are often lengthy ordeals, and it can be hard for jurors, judges, and attorneys to keep every detail straight in their minds. The transcript provides material to fill in the gaps in their memories so that a more accurate judgment can be made for every case.

When you need court reporting in Tucson, AZ trust the certified court reporters at Bartelt Reporting, LLC. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

The Benefits of Remote Video Depositions

video_cameraRemote video depositions play an important role in nearly every trial. Video depositions are interviews that take place in the attorney’s office before the trial begins, and are beneficial for a number of reasons.

Helps Attorneys Prepare for Trial

The last thing an attorney wants is to be surprised during a trial, especially in the case of witness testimony. When an attorney asks a question at trial, they already know the answer, so if a witness syas something they do not expect, it could derail their questioning and ultimately compromise their case. The deposition is designed so that attorneys can learn what a witness knows, and what they will say at trial so that they can adequately prepare their questions and arguments. This is especially useful if the witness has any information that may harm their case.

Provides Proof of Inconsistencies

Sometimes a witness will change their story between the deposition and the trial. If a deposition was done, the attorney has evidence that the witness testimony is inconsistent, allowing them to impeach the witness.

Ensures All Testimony is Heard

In some cases, a witness may not be able to attend the trial in person. In this case, their video deposition will be shown in court so that their testimony can still be heard in their absence.

Do You Need a Court Reporter During a Video Deposition?

shutterstock_22979068Even with the advent of video recording, court reporters still play a vital role in the justice system. They make meticulous records of many parts of the legal process, including a deposition when attorneys require their services. If you’re recording remote video depositions through video conferencing technology, it’s still worthwhile to hire a court reporter to participate.

In the Midst of the Deposition

The convenience of remote video depositions allows you to interview clients and witnesses who are states away. While the video is recording everything the person says, you can’t pause and rewind the video in the midst of the deposition if you were unsure of what someone said or you want to go back and compare statements. That’s where a court reporter’s record comes in handy.

Proof of Inconsistency

Oftentimes you can catch a witness in a contradiction thanks to a court reporter’s record. While the video is still recording, ask the reporter to read back an earlier statement then pose your question. The video will record the person’s reaction to potentially being cause in a lie. This kind of play might prove integral to your case or even prevent a case from going to trial if a plea or settlement can be reached.

More Official

A court reporter on site with you makes the video deposition feel more official. When holding a deposition via video, a witness could feel like it’s a less important occasion than it actually is, especially a reluctant witness. Having an entire legal team on hand, including a court reporter will convey that the proceedings need to be taken more seriously.

Bartelt Reporting offers both video deposition technology and court reporting services. Rely on us for both of the services which, combined, will provide the ultimate record of your deposition and help you win the case for your client.

How to Hold an Effective Video Deposition

shutterstock_363711746Like most attorneys, you probably only have so much time in the day to get through a lengthy client list. You want to devote the proper time to each case, but commuting long distances to see each client and witness can take up valuable time. The right video conferencing service can make all the difference when it comes to saving time not just for yourself, but for your clients as well.

Use the Right Tools

Contact Bartelt Reporting, LLC for your video deposition needs. We offer effective video conferencing in Phoenix, AZ that attorneys have relied on for countless cases. Our state-of-the-art technology will provide a secure and private video conference line for you to conduct your business and will record at the highest quality possible, taking in every statement loud and clear.

Maintain Eye Contact

It can be difficult to maintain “eye contact” through a video, but having the client or witness speak into the video without a representative from your firm present in the room may make them less inclined to disclose all necessary information. Look directly into the camera so the person on the other end feels how personally invested you are in the conversation and responds as if you were in the room.

Remember the Delay

With the right technology, there shouldn’t be much of a delay between when you speak and when the person on the other end hears your question. However, even the smallest delay can still take place. Make sure the person fully finishes answering a question before you move on in order to get the full statement recorded.

Let Bartelt Reporting provide you with the tools you’ll need for an effective video deposition. Call us today at 888-809-0103 to inquire about all of our court reporting services.