Arizona Court Reporting Services

A qualified court reporter should have the knowledge and ability to document even the most complicated legal cases with complete accuracy. At Bartelt Reporting, LLC, we are proud to provide the most trusted court reporting services. As one of the largest and most experienced court reporting firms in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area, our team is confident we can meet all of your legal documentation needs.

A Full-Service Court Reporting Company

When it comes to litigation, selection the right court reporter is imperative to building a solid case. With a national footprint and the ability to provide qualified local reporters, clients across the nation can rely on our services to document the legal proceedings for their case. We work closely with law firms and attorneys, taking depositions and providing Arizona court reporting services for hearings, meetings, and arbitration. Transcription services are also available upon request.

Hire a Qualified Court Reporting Company

A court reporter must do more than just document litigation proceedings. When building a case, you need written accounts of any correspondence, records, and legal proofs related to the case. Our skilled Arizona court reporters provide these accounts with the utmost professionalism and precision. You can depend on their assistance not only during the deposition, but also at any other legal meeting. This allows you to study a written transcript of these meetings so you can better plan your case and move forward with the best strategy.

Not all court reporters have the same skill set and when you reach out to us for legal assistance, we assign a reporter with experience covering cases similar to your own. We take detailed information during the initial consultation to ensure we are able to meet your specific needs. The outcome of your case may depend on the knowledge and ability of a court reporter, so it is vital that you confidently hire one with all of the necessary qualifications.

Our Arizona court reporters specialize in the transcription of many types of legal cases. These include cases involving medical and/or technical information, construction defects, patent infringement, and other forms of complex litigation with a high volume of content that needs to be recorded. We boast a large staff of experienced court reporters and videographers, giving you an invaluable resource when working your cases.

Real-Time Depositions

Bartelt Reporting, LLC is a qualified provider of real-time depositions. With our Arizona court reporting services, you can acquire real-time depositions of exceptional quality to help you win your cases.

Real-time depositions are a powerful tool that allows litigators to make notes and mark testimony during the proceedings. You can pinpoint specific questions and answers quickly to determine which ones would be most applicable for an upcoming trial.

Our court reporters provide you with instant access to the proceedings through a variety of software, such as LiveNote, CaseView, and Summation. You can view the proceedings and the transcript through a laptop or tablet and also insert your own notes or search for testimony. As one of the best court reporting firms in Phoenix, AZ, we have you covered any time you need access to accurate testimony transcripts.