Synchronized Legal Videography in Phoenix, AZ

Many depositions and legal meetings are video recorded and Bartelt Reporting, LLC is staffed and ready to provide you with legal videography in Phoenix, AZ. This can be done in-house at our offices or at your location by a legal videographer in Tucson, AZ. Our company is one of the most trusted providers of remote video depositions in Arizona. Put your trust in our comprehensive court reporting services for accurate video transcripts, every time.

Creating a Video-Synced Deposition

In the arena of litigation, multimedia presentations are essential to success. They allow you to create a powerful audio-visual message that will leave a lasting impression on everyone in the courtroom, including the judge, jury, and even the opposing counsel. This resource is a valuable asset to any case and just one of the many reasons you should take advantage of our court reporting services.

Videotaped depositions are useful, but it can be difficult for attorneys to edit them quickly enough for use in court. The traditional method of highlighting critical aspects of a deposition transcript does not neatly transfer over to video. That is why a video-synced deposition is critical to producing the ideal presentation.

Our synchronized video and transcripts gives you the ability to edit remote video depositions easily and present them to the courtroom in a clear and effective manner. With our software the professional assistance of a legal videographer in Tucson, AZ, you can put together a video-synced deposition with little to no prior computer experience and our cutting-edge audio technology allows all spoken words to sound perfectly clear. Our video technology also includes enhanced lighting and color correction to ensure accurate facial tones and sharp video images. You never have to worry about the quality of your video-synced deposition negatively affecting the case.

Accurate Video Transcripts for Legal Use

When you need a video-synced deposition in a precise format, trust in the digital services division of our company. We can synchronize the transcript to an audio-video deposition that is compatible with any software brand used for trial presentation. You can have your recording in a digital format, a DVD, or even a VHS tape.

Our company provides meticulous editing options and since we provide these services, we maintain very reasonable rates and fast turnaround times. With an expansive network of video specialists and deposition videographers, we are able to offer legal videography from Phoenix, AZ to clients located throughout the United States.