Video Conference Service in Phoenix, AZ

Bartelt Reporting, LLC offers video conference service in Phoenix, AZ, allowing you to communicate via video conference with individuals around the country and other parts of the world. We are the go-to source for video conference deposition services in Arizona and whether you need to record a deposition or share and view exhibits remotely, we have the technical resources required. For professional-quality results, trust in our services and expertise whenever you schedule your remote video depositions. We have two separate office locations in Phoenix and Tucson to better serve our clientele.

Resources to Share and View Exhibits

When you hire Bartelt Reporting, LLC for court reporting services, you gain access to specialized software for remote video depositions and conferencing. The audio –visual equipment we use provides a clear sound and picture so the meeting will feel as if it were face to face. Our advanced software not only provides instant video conferencing capabilities, it also allows for file sharing between parties so you can share and view exhibits instantly.

The Convenience of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing expands your options for acquiring evidence and settling legal disputes. It is an incredibly convenient way to take depositions in a structured, professional setting. By using state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment, you can take depositions without the need to travel. All parties involved in a case have complete control over the process and resolution of a video conference meeting.

The biggest advantage of our video conference service in Phoenix, AZ is the amount of time it saves. You can participate in meetings remotely with clients and witnesses when it is most convenient for all involved. Planning and executing your cases is far more affordable and accessible through a video conference deposition.